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Devised and crafted in Italy – now available in the U.S. Endospheres reduces cellulite by targeting the root cause, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation, breaking down fibrous septae, relieving pain and inflammation, and toning the muscles. It is FDA registered and is the only device in the world that uses an innovative COMPRESSIVE MICROVIBRATION technology to feel the body and produce a customized treatment to tone, tighten and smooth out imperfections. Click here to view the Clinical Study.




The Endospheres Compressive Microvibration method represents a new era in the treatment of aesthetic and rehabilitative pathologies. This patented technology designed by Italian bio-engineers harnesses a powerful frequency by way of pulsed, rhythmic action to penetrate from the top of the skin deep into the muscle. 

Artemis Distribution partnered with The Fenix Group to bring Endospheres to the US market. Fenix has been at the forefront of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment for many years and has built a trusted reputation by way of research and development.

By intelligently combining both Microvibration and Microcompression technology, Endospheres triggers the break down of fibrous septae and accelerates lymphatic drainage. The handpiece uses 55 rotating spheres, which produce a pulsed rhythmic action on the tissues which contours problem areas such as the legs, arms, and stomach.


Endospheres has been voted one of the top 10 hottest new devices for body enhancement in the Aesthetics Guide Magazine


Endospheres is a globally recognized treatment for the body and face. It's a non-invasive treatment that delivers 5 synergistic actions; cellulite reduction, enhanced lymphatic drainage, stimulation of blood flow, reduced aches and pains, and increased muscle tone.


In clinical observations of 656 patients, Endospheres improved cellulite by 39% and had a 97.8% customer satisfaction rating.


In a competitive cosmetic industry, Endospheres is a 100% non-invasive method with no downtime and uses the latest technology to make treatments enjoyable and effective.

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